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MPOWA is adressing today's global problems


▸ World energy demand is expected to double in our generation

▸ Power is centrally produced and distributed over grid systems which are very expensive to build and maintain

▸ Energy systems have not changed fundamentally in 100+ years since the first national grids were developed


▸ Many poor countries don’t have enough power so they burn oil, coal, wood to survive which damages the ecosystem

▸ In advanced countries, power is still mostly produced from fossil fuels like oil and gas

▸ Climate change is causing sea levels to rise, ice caps to melt and risking an irreversible catastrophe


▸ Energy prices are going to explode because of the transition to renewables

▸ Energy is already expensive and a major part of the household budget

▸ This means more poverty, social problems and conflict

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▸ Provide more scalable solutions to meet new energy demand

▸ Develop the ideal decentralised energy grid platform to reduce the burden on energy grids

▸ Our platform aims to facilitate the introduction of novel new forms of energy creation, consumption and virtualised trading


▸ Provide a more affordable solution which increases market access to renewable energy sources to enable poor countries to develop

▸ Create solutions which catalyse mass adoption of prosumer based energy consumption to reduce demand for fossil fuels

▸ Help to accelerate the low carbon transition with our products and services


▸ Introduce more cost effective and longer lifespan technologies to reduce the cost of transition

▸ Provide more cost effective solutions which provide rebates to the consumer to reduce energy bills

▸ Help countries achieve energy independence to reduce geopolitical conflict