Mpowa are building the world’s first self-sustaining energy generator units – The Quanti: You pay for electricity with digital tokens, plug your device(s) in and enjoy 24/7/365 clean energy. The electricity is supplied continually without interruption and does not require any other input, not even a power-grid.

The device is powered by patented quantum battery based energy generation technology. Energy production and consumption is tokenised for digital payment, based on a proprietary elastic credit system based digital currency.  



The Mpowa Omni is our flagship range of products which combine multiple technologies in a single portable device, supported by sophisticated software management including AI and data science capabilities. This is designed to form the backbone of our physical self-powering IoT enabled energy grid.

In essence Omni is a multi-layered autonomous home energy generation, storage and distribution system. It works by generating power for your home during daylight hours whilst discharging and reselling energy stored overnight during off-peak hours of operation back to the grid through the Energy Web Chain.

This ingenious design offers not only continuous 24/7/365 clean power to your home, but also significant cost savings due to energy bill rebates in applicable markets. The device contains advanced AI and data science tooling both for monitoring and managing the energy consumption within the home, and for connecting and empowering users to participate in the emerging data economy via partner platforms Ocean Protocol.

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