The overall vision of Mpowa is a world of connected fully autonomous devices of various type which produce and consume their own energy, in some cases selling the surplus back to the grid (where local regulations and infrastructure permit), all registered with Energy Web Chain for unique identification of the device, whilst metered and paid for in Mpowa cryptocurrency tokens.

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The Mpowa Platform is a revolutionary new concept. A physical self powering blockchain ecosystem which monetises free energy in the form of tokens, is self funded by its community and operates as a true exponential DAO. It is built bottom up from individual agent nodes of a global Holochain ecosystem, which provides massive scale and data processing capability, with automated IoT network control and business operations in a second layer – PolkaDot Substrate.

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The Mpowa platform connects a wide variety of technologies to a single decentralised digitally tokenised energy ecosystem, be that domestic consumers, electric vehicle drivers, businesses or even individual electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets. The possibilities are almost endless

The Platform manages and connects all Mpowa Energy Units to the blockchain, where supply and consumption are logged and controlled. Energy is tokenised and price is pegged to a stablecoin to counter volatility

The Mpowa users (the “MPOWA’ers”) will be able to use clean, infinite, reliable low-cost energy, produced through the MPOWA’s devices, payable in tokens, and that generates data that can only be monetised by the owner. Mpowa is developing a number of tokens for our DAO ecosystem including a Utility token, Security token, Data token and Governance token for the management of the platform.


At high level the Mpowa platform is comprised of a number of layers from the user interface DAPP layer, through the DAO ecosystem (platform services, business operations, financial management / tokenisation, and physical blockchain layer).


This layer deals with all financial flows into and out of the platform in terms of tokenization for the energy utility, security and data tokens. This will be implemented in the Enterprise Ethereum blockchain.


This is implemented in Polkadot Substrate and is in effect the core operational engine of the Mpowa DAO. Here we handle everything from customer account management, KYC/AML, token transactions, integration to OMS, ERP and CRM and Financial Accounting systems internally and to external 3rd party platforms, suppliers and customers.


This layer implements the physical carbon neutral AI/blockchain/IoT energy grid based on interconnected networks of Mpowa Omni devices arranged in a P2P trading system configuration over Holochain. This allows for the full traceability of micro-transactions on our network, network scaling effects and for remittances, donors and NGOs, to transfer tokens to “energy credit pools” that we will establish once the network is live at scale.


Mpowa’s platform is designed to be a customer-centric electricity system by unleashing the potential of blockchain and decentralized technologies. The focus is on technology integration and development, as well as building a global community. We deliver an autonomous, decentralised platform that connects users to clean, low-cost energy from alternative sources, payable in tokens, and that generates data only monetisable by the owner.


Microgeneration of power shifts the power away from a centrally controlled system and returns power back to the consumer. This turns the electrical power grid upside down and provides flexibility for the customer to trade excess energy at low cost. Our product is versatile and allows for easy integration into your DER and charges….


Our platform architecture addresses a number of limiting factors in other platforms, integrating hardware, software, and advanced tokenomics in a way that will achieve the singularity that is aimed for by the energy markets, proving our use case and triggering adoption of the platform by Utility Companies.


The beauty of this idea is that your energy tokens are transferrable, fungible, donatable, tradable and can be used for any one of the devices that you own (Quanti, Omni, Maxi) which can all be managed via your wallet application along with all your data, reports and billing information. Imagine being able to send power tokens to a farmer in Zambia who is running short of funds to feed his livestock, or a factory in India that got hit by financial hardship due to lost orders. blockchain, network, technology

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